Michigan AG Nessel Mocks Opponent's Fundraiser with 'Meow-a- Lago' Photos

March 07, 2022, 4:08 PM by  Allan Lengel

Donald Trump has Mar-a-Lago. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has "Meow-a-Lago."

Democrat Nessel takes a shot at one of her Trump-loving election rivals, Matt DePerno, on her campaign page:

On March 8, my opponent Matt DePerno will be lounging around Mar-a-Lago, posing for pictures with Trump, and he's charging donors $25,000 each to join him. While I might be a little too busy doing the people's work to pal around with former presidents at a resort with gold-plated toilets, I do have four extremely cute cats.

Donate $25 to my re-election campaign and send me your selfie. I'll send you a commemorative selfie back that includes you and the cat of your choice. Donate $50 and I'll send you back a selfie, plus an autographed Team Dana cat t-shirt.*

She notes that ".01% of each donation will likely go toward cat toys and treats. It's the only way we could secure the models' participation!" Then further down on the page, she writes: "Just kidding about the $0.01 of every proceed, all monies go to Friends of Dana Nessel."

Trump endorses DePerno over another Republican candidate, Tom Leonard, a former state House speaker. Trump has publicly called Leonard a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

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