Ex-U.S. Attorney Told AG Barr There Was Nothing to Trump's Fraud Allegations in Detroit

June 17, 2022, 9:44 AM

Matthew Schneider: "They weren't believing the explanation."

Days after the November 2020 election, U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider got a call from Attorney General William Barr inquiring about allegations of fraudulent voting in Detroit.

"I’m at home, Attorney General Barr called me,” Schneider, now at a law firm in Lansing, tells WXYZ's Ross Jones. “One of the first things he wanted to know about was these ballot dumps.”

Barr was checking into repeated allegations by Trump that masses of ballots were showing up at the TCF Center to be counted after the polls closed. Trump implied they were all fraudulent votes the Democrats created to give Joe Biden an edge in Michigan. 

Schneider, appointed by Trump in 2018, tells WXYZ that he knew it wasn't unusual for ballots not to be counted at precincts, but instead at the TCF Center.

“I explained that to Attorney General Barr, that I’ve seen this before and it’s not unusual and he accepted that,” Schneider said. “And it wasn’t too long after that that he called back and it was very apparent that he was explaining this to the White House or to the President and they weren’t believing the explanation.”

He said he also pointed out to Barr that Trump got more votes in Detroit than in 2016.


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