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Freep: 'Mind-bending' fries at SuperCrisp are worth the trip

June 23, 2022, 9:47 AM

SuperCrisp, a new Midtown sandwich spot run by Ima alumnus Mike Ransom, has a menu that looks as American as burgers and fries, but spins them in an Asian direction -- deliciously.

That banner tells the truth: The Oki fries at SuperCrisp (Photo: Website)

No dish demonstrates this better than the dish called Oki Fries, which takes plain old American potatoes and marries them to Japanese toppings.

Lyndsay C. Smith at the Freep writes:

A mountain of crisp shoestring fries are fully dressed in a tangy, spiced blend of chili and lime sea salt, guaranteeing a plate full of flavor well before the toppings are piled on. Thin, rosy shavings of pickled ginger add a sweet and spicy bite, while rings of chopped scallions introduce a peppery note and crunch. Shreds of nori are small in size — almost like flakes of fish food — but bold in flavor, offering a distinct umami taste with a hint of the sea.

Like the mustard and onions finishing touch to a great Coney, SuperCrisp’s Oki Fries are scribbled with creamy Kewpie and Oki Sauce, a deliciously sweet dressing something like a hoisin sauce.

...If you close your eyes, it’s like a deconstructed vegetarian sushi roll, subbing rice for hot fries.

That's a lot of words to describe a big ol' order of fries, but we'll add just a few more: We tried them last winter, and they were fantastic. 

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