Mike Valenti: Tom Gores Has 'Destroyed' Detroit Pistons and Made It Single Worst Team in Pro Sports

November 21, 2023, 9:45 PM by  Allan Lengel

Tom Gores and Mike Valenti

With a record of 2-13, and a poor showing in previous seasons, it's not tough to take a shot at the lowly Detroit Pistons.

And that's just what Mike Valenti, the outspoken radio host on  97.1 The Ticket, did on his show Tuesday, ripping the Pistons and its owner Tom Gores of Beverly Hills, Calif., who has little to show since buying the Pistons in 2011 for $325 million. (The purchase included the Palace Sports & Entertainment.)

"What a scourge Tom Gores has been," Valenti said. "This team had an arena that was just fine,  they had a fan base, they were at The Palace, there was nothing wrong with The Palace."

"Tom Gores has taken this team, destroyed it; He's taken them away from the fan base, he's now a renter, he's the equivalent of a squatter at LCA. He has employed clowns repeatedly, and this is in my mind, it's the single worst team in all of professional sports."

Valenti also says:

Arn Tellem (Linkedin photo)

"Right now in our fair city the biggest embarrassment in professional sports -- baseball, basketball, football, hockey -- the biggest embarrassment resides in this town: It's  your Pistons...You have the worst record in the league...Are you kidding me?  A 12 game losing streak, and there's no way out. You got an owner whose basically a sir-claps-alot, the team's down 30 at the four games he shows up to. Arn Tellem (vice chairman of the Pistons), I'd love to know what he's doing to earn a paycheck. You  got his kid running player personnel."

The Pistons finished last season in last place in the Eastern Conference with a 17-65 record. The season before they finished in second from last at 23-59.

The Pistons did not immediately respond for comment Tuesday night regarding Valenti's remarks.

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